Abbie's Aunt Takes Stanley to School in Florida!

Flat Stanley was very busy on Friday Nov.4th. The children at the Stanton Elementary School in Wiersdale, Florida all had their morning breakfast and when school started at 9:00 AM the first Kindergarten class came to the auditorium. Each Child lined up for height and weight and then went to see Flat Stanley and Auntie Sue the nurse, for Eye Testing. By the end of the school day 9 classes were finished with the help of other volunteers.

One of the teachers and 2 children showed Flat Stanley the hall where lots of "A's" were hanging. We were told that this was a "A" school and everyone was very proud. So Flat Stanley touched one of the "A's" for good luck! We had a fun day!!


Savannah's Stanley Visits Switzerland!

Hello Savannah’s classmates

Here are some pictures of Flat Stanley visiting Savannah Stucki’s grandparents in Switzerland.

Savannah’s family lives in Konolfingen, a small town near Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Her aunt Andrea and her uncle Peter have a small farm there, and Savannah’s grandparents Ruth and Werner also live on the farm. The house is built in the typical Swiss farmhouse style and is very old.

Flat Stanley really enjoyed his stay in Switzerland. He ate a lot of chocolate and cheese. He also visited the cows and took a ride on the tractor together with Savannah’s cousins Alisha, Nevio, Roman and Patrick.

We also tried to teach him some typical Swiss word like „grüezi“ or „chuchichäschtli“, and as the days went on he got better and better.

After a week, „Flache Stänli“ (as we called him here) had to leave and come back to you guys in the US. We all were very sad and we truly hope to see him again.

Simon's Flat Stanley Goes to the Yogurt Shop!

We had fun with Flat Stanley. He was only at our house for a short while because we decided to send him home on an airplane with Nana. While he was in Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, Flat Stanley visited our favorite yogurt shop called Yogurt Guru. Here are a few pictures of the family with Flat Stanley. At Yogurt Guru you get to work the yogurt machine by yourself which Flat Stanley enjoyed. We tried every flavor!


Lucie's Stanley Spends Time in Sweden

Gislaved Dec.2011

I have been in Sweden for some weeks. Here I visited Kenneth and Berit in Gislaved. One day Berit took me with her to the school where she works. The kids in school talked to me during the lesson when they had English. I looked around in the classroom and I saw things that they had made when learning about the Stoneage.

Here I am at Kenneth´s and Berit´s house in Gislaved. I am visiting Berit at her school. The school´s name is Gullviveskolan.The pupils have been reading about the Stoneage. They have made pots of clay.

I went with Kenneth, Berit and Bo to Visby. Visby is an old city on an island called Gotland.I am standing outside the old wall of Visby. The wall is from the 1300th century.There are high towers in the wall that surrounds Visby.


I went with Tobias, Therese, Bo, Kenneth and Berit to the most southern part of Gotland and there I saw “the old man in the mountain”. Can you see his face?

Another day I went to Halmstad. Halmstad is a city on the westcoast of Sweden. There I visited Clara, Jennifer and Jonas. Here is Clara with me and she is about to take a nap.


Bye from Sweden
Ken and Berit

Shauna's Stanley Travels to Europe and South America With Her Uncle John

Shauna's Uncle John is a pilot for Delta Airlines. He flies international trips to Europe and South America. Look below to read about Stanley's travels to London, Santiago, Chile and Rio de Janiero with him!

First, Stanley visited London. Here his is at Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, the Royal Family was inside that day. He forgot his camera so he was unable to get any photos of them.He also visited Westminster Abbey. Too bad he missed the Royal Wedding earlier this year. William and Kate were long gone! There was a bit of blue in the London skyline. It's usually quite cloudy there.

Here's Stanley at Big Ben. Luckily, he learned to tell time this year in class sitting at Shauna's desk! There were lots of tourists there. The London Victoria Statue is quite a sight to see.
Stanley wanted his picture next to the Flight Board Information before leaving for Santiage, Chile. He's getting used to visiting airports as well as foreign countries. After visiting the pilots, Stanley took a few minutes to relax in Business Class. He likes to take naps due to his heavy travel schedule.
Here is Stanley in the cockpit of the plane, just after landing in Santiago, Chile. He was actually able to help Uncle John land the plane.
Here's Stanley at the airport in Santiago, Chile. Stanley really enjoys visiting South America.

Stanley visits Rio de Janerio in Brazil at the Copacabana Beach Although he forgot his bathing suit, Stanley still had some fun walking the beach and building sand castles. It's really hot here!


Today Stanley had a few minutes to dip his toes into the ocean. The water was warmer than his nightly bath!
Before he left the beach, Stanley took a few minutes to speak with the native Brazilians. They were impressed with all the places he has been traveling to. What nice people they are in Brazil!

Next Stanley Flies to Madrid, Spain With Shauna's Uncle John

Stanley has made his way to Spain, visiting the city of Madrid. While looking around the local shops, he ran into a giant Bull head! In Madrid, Stanley came face to face with matador statue.

Stanley sure gets around in Madrid.He managed to find a poster advertising the Bull Fights. Maybe he will have a chance at being a matador!


Stanley is thinking about heading over to see the bull fights! He gets his wish & heads over to the Bull Fights.This is the location where they are held.

Stanley was so excited that he was able to get his picture with all the Bulls on this detailed set of statues.He loves to wave at the camera!

I wonder what country Stanley will visit next?

Flat Stanley Goes on a Film Shoot with Chloe's Cousin!

Flat Stanley Photo Shoot