Enjoy looking at pictures of Flat Stanley's adventures and reading about his trip. We are including a Google Map of places he visits throughout the year. Be sure to click the - sign to see where in the world Stanley's been sited.

Flat Stanley Visits Danforth Bay Camping Resort in NH

Flat Stanley headed up to Danforth Bay Camping Resort in NH for Columbus Day weekend. He had a wonderful time hiking small trails and then up Mt. Mary to see the beautiful leaves and view from the top. He stopped along the way to climb some trees and big boulders with Joshua and his brothers Matthew and Andrew. The weather was just unbelievable for October! The views of Lake Ossippee and foliage were quite worth the work to get to the top. Topping off the weekend was trick or treating around the campground and a spooky trip through a haunted house

Topping off the weekend was trick or treating around the campground and a spooky trip through a haunted house.


Flat Stanley Visits London with Mrs. Rushia's Niece, Ali

Stanley hopped a flight to the UK, where he spent a few days in London. There, he headed out to Hampton Court, a palace with beautiful gardens on the edge of London. King Henry VIII spent a lot of time at Hampton Court - it was his main home.


And Then He was off to Amman, Jordan Where Ali Currently Lives

Stanley stands next to a ceramic tile which reads "Ahlan wa sahlan" in Arabic. This is how people greet one another. It means "Be like family and be easy" - in other words "Our house is your house, relax and put your feet up!". The tile was made by Armenian artists in Jerusalem. The family I bought the tile from are descendants of an Armenian family brought to Jerusalem in the late 1800s to restore the tiles on the beautiful Dome of the Rock


Stanley headed up the road a bit to the Sharia Kuliyya Mosque, which is just a quarter of a mile from my house. The mosque is quite beautiful and made of white-ish pink-ish stone, with green domes. The call to prayer is heard many times per day; devout Muslims will pray at those times - either in the mosque, or wherever they happen to be, in the office or at a shopping mall (where there are rooms to pray). In the photo with Stanley is a girl from the neighborhood, who wears a pink headscarf. In Jordan, some girls and women decide to wear the headscarf while others do not.


This probably looks familiar - STOP signs are the same in Jordan, but the squiggles in the top read "stop" in Arabic. All of these photos come from my neighborhood, called Jebal (which means mountain) Luwebdeih. Amman is built on 7 hills. Today, it has sprawled to cover more ground, but Luwebdeih is one of the original hills of Amman, just up the hill from the traditional downtown.


Flat Stanley Visits the Dead Sea and Makes a Friend!

Stanley and his new friend, The Panda, lay out in the shade on the shores of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is on Jordan's western border. On the other side is Israel. It is the lowest point on earth and so salty that only two forms of life actually live in it. And even more interesting, it is so salty that people float without trying!


Stanley visited the Citadel overlooking downtown Amman. The columns behind are Roman, and there are also Ottoman ruins on the site. From the Citadel, Stanley stands in front of the hillsides of Amman.


So Where is Jordan?

Check Google Maps above to see more.

Jordan is a small country in the Middle East with about 6 million people. The country is about the size of Indiana. King Abdullah II has been king since 1999. He is married to Queen Rania and they have 4 children, the oldest of whom is the Crown Prince.

Unlike many countries in the Middle East, Jordan does not have oil. It has very few natural resources and is one of the driest countries in the world.

Despite the fact that Jordan is small, it is a very interesting country! In the west is the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. In the south is Petra, an ancient city carved into stone, one of the man-made wonders of the world. There is also a beautiful desert with orange sand, Wadi Rum. Stanley will visit a few of these places and share pictures! There are also hills and valleys with green trees, old castles, and land that grows tomatoes, bananas, pomegranates, grapes and many other kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Flat Stanley Gets a Ticket to the Patriots Game!

Flat Stanley had a great day watching the Patriots play against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 16 with Mr. Rushia. He cheered along with the crowd when Tom Brady threw a pass to Aaron Hernandez for a touchdown with 20 seconds left to go in the game. The Patriots won 20-16!


Flat Stanley Visits Gavin's Grandparents in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Grandma Joan let me help her cook and Grandpa Derek let me watch him grill the steak. We took a picture of that before he lit the grille, because the grille gets too hot for me to be really near it. Then we had dinner in the dining room together. It was good, especially the food that I helped to cook.


The next day we went to a Tea Room and had lunch and tea.
After lunch, Grandpa Derek and I played golf. It was my first time playing golf and I had fun.The golf course was decorated for Halloween and really looked nice. I got to ride in a golf cart, and I even got a hole in one!

That was the most fun of my whole visit. I hope that I can go back and visit them again!

Flat Stanley is Off to New Jersey with Ciara's Aunt and Uncle

Flat Stanley visited Mount Arlington New Jersey. While Flat Stanley was in NJ he suited up in coveralls and worked with Ciara's Uncle Mark at his plumbing business.

He also got the opportunity to go to Kraft Foods in East Hanover, NJ with Ciara's Aunt Laura where she works in the Marketing Department for Ritz & Triscuit Crackers.


And best of all he spent Halloween in NJ where we got over a foot and a half of snow.spooky.jpg

Jocelyn's Flat Stanley Visits Her Cousins, Cameron and Connor, in Maine

Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy some time with Flat Stanley. We had so much fun!! We live in Corinth, Maine, so that is where Flat Stanley enjoyed the past couple of weeks. He went to Tae Kwon Do class with us.

We carved our Halloween pumpkins with him.

When he was on a small trip to Wytopitlock, Maine in which he experienced his first snowstorm of the year. He had so much fun helping us build our snowman.


Jocelyn's Uncle Chris took Flat Stanley on a flight over the Bangor, Maine area. He got to help fly the plane! Flat Stanley is enjoying the view, at 3,000 feet in the air.
Flat Stanley is admiring the snow below, on the approach to Bangor. Can you tell he looks a little nervous with a student pilot behind the wheel? Flat Stanley is relieved to almost be on the ground again, as Uncle Chris lines up for landing on Runway 33 in Bangor. Thankfully, the instructor took these pictures, not Uncle Chris, who was trying to hold steady for landing. It was a bumpy landing, due to no fault of Flat Stanley, unless his snazzy shirt was too distracting for the pilot.
Just after these pictures were taken, Uncle Chris set out on his first SOLO flight ever, and Flat Stanley got to tag along!!!! There are no photos of this adventure, which is good - new pilot Chris had to stay VERY focused for a safe journey!!

Grace's Stanley is Busy in Massachusetts!

Flat Stanley went to see the Bridgewater Badgers play football and cheered along the sidelines with Grace's cousin, Sarah, and friends.
He also went with Aunt Kim to work at Hanover Middle School. He had a blast hanging out with her students who remembered having Flat Stanley when they were in elementary school!

Flat Stanley Works on the Farm in Virginia with Papa Denman and Wendy!

Josh sent us Flat Stanley and we had a great weekend with him. The farm was built in 1787! farm.jpgFlat Stanley is standing at the old spinning wheel. The Farm was built in 1787 and the original part of the house is a log house built with American Chestnut. He is also next to the cooking pot. There was a stone room in the original house which was built for cooking and here is Stanley in the original pot that was used over the fire to cook the food.cooking.jpgwheel.jpg
Here he's with an old iron heated in the fire and used to press the clothes.

Flat Stanleyy got the food for the chickens from the corn crib. The chickens are Barred Rocks (black and white striped), Speckled Sussex, Golden Comets (brown and white) and Buff Orpingtons (light tan). Then he collected eggs.chicken_feed.jpgfeeding_chickens.jpg


Stanley was in the putt putt looking at the cows. Then he helped Papa put the feed out for the cows. Finally, he let the cows out to eat!Stanley had a great time on the farm and was sad to say goodbye!

Ethan's Flat Stanley Visits Freya in Lincoln, England!

Flat Stanley has come everywhere with me. We went bowling with my friend Aaron, and we also went on the football table.

After that we went home and carved some pumpkins, ready for Halloween. Flat Stanley had fun!
Love from Freya

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